Spirit Week - Feb 11-15
Monday - Glitter/Bling Day
Tuesday - High School Stereo type: nerd, jock, etc.
Wednesday - Neon Day
Thursday - MEME Day
Friday - Outlaw Orange & Red Day

There are a lot of fundraisers going on right now!
Freshmen - Class of 2022 - Yankee Candles, Rada Cutlery, CountryMeats meatsticks
Seniors - Class of 2019 - Bequet Caramels
FFA - FFA shirts

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Upcoming Events

Thurs.-Sat., Feb 14-16 - 8C District Basketball Tournament in Lewistown

Friday, Feb. 15 - No School



School Menu

Week of February 11-15

Monday - Breakfast: Bagels/Cream Cheese
                Lunch:  Super Nachos/Corn/Pears/Dirt Cups

Tuesday - Breakfast:  Sausage-Egg-Cheese Muffin
                 Lunch: Chicken Strips/Fries/Green Beans
                             Mandarin Oranges

Wednesday - Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos
                      Lunch: Pork Roast/Potato/Gravy/Peas
                                  Carrots/Peaches/Applesauce Cake

Thursday - Breakfast:  Strawberry Delight Smoothie
                  Lunch:  Heart Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup

Friday - Breakfast:  No School

Salad Bar included every day