School Begins August 28!!!!

High School Football and Volleyball practice begins August 16. 

Junior High Football and Volleyball practice begins August 19. 

Practice schedules will be available soon!

2019 Outlaw Volleyball Schedule

2019 Outlaw Football Schedule


Previous Next Play Pause
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Upcoming Events

Monday, August 12 - School Board Meeting 6:30

Friday, August 16 - First day HS FB & VB practice

Monday, August 19 - First day JH FB & VB practice

Wednesday, August 28 - First day of school


School Menu

Week of May 6-10 

Monday - Breakfast: Bagels/Cream Cheese
                Lunch:  Spaghetti/Corn/Pears/Chocolate Cake

Tuesday - Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs/Sausage
                 Lunch: Sausage/Hashbrown Patty/Peaches

Wednesday - Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito
                      Lunch: Pork Roast/Potato/Gravy/Broccoli
                                  Mandarin Oranges/Brownies

Thursday - Breakfast:  French Toast/Sausage
                  Lunch:  Sloppy Joes/Tater Tots/Pineapple

Friday - Breakfast:  
                                Smoothie: Hawiian
             Lunch:  Hot Dogs/Seasoned Fries/Frozen Fruit Cup
                          Chocolate Chip Cookie

Salad Bar included every day