Students will be attending a presentation by Jack Gladstone on Tuesday, October 4, in Lewistown.  Jack is known as "Montana's Blackfeet Troubadour" and is a lyric poet and songwriter from the Blackfeet Nation.  More information can be found on his website:  

Little Caesars Pizza & Yankee Candle fundraiser: Please contact the school, or one of the Junior class students. Remember that these fund raisers help their class raise money for graduation and senior trips. They truly appreciate all of your support.

Roy School K-5 students and staff are joining Mr. Picard each morning and walking for 15 minutes.  Parents and community are welcome to join the group.  (The group meets behind the HS and walks the track starting at 8:05 AM.  If weather is incliment the group will walk in gym)

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 29 - HS Trip to Manufacturing Days in Lewistown
- VB @ Lavina  3:00/4:00/5:15/6:30
- FB @ Hysham - JH  4:30,  HS  7:00

Saturday, October 1 - JHVB @ Geyser  12:00 & 1:00

Tuesday, October 4 - Jack Gladstone presentation in Lewistown
- Blood Drive @ Roy School 2:00-6:00
- JHFB @ Winifred vs DGS  4:00


School Menu

Week of September 26-30

Monday - Breakfast:  Scrambled Egg/Sausage
                                  Pineapple/Mixed Fruit/Mango Smoothies
                Lunch:  Taco Quesadilla/Corn/Mandarins
                              Peanut Butter Bar

Tuesday - Breakfast:  Pancake/Sausage
                 Lunch:  Chicken Patty on Bun

- Breakfast:  Breakfast on a Stick
                      Lunch:  Hamburger Gravy/Potato/Peas
                                   Apple Sauce/Brownie

Thursday - Breakfast:  Waffle Stick/Sausage
                  Lunch: Ham Patty/Mac & Cheese/Mixed Fruit

Friday - Breakfast: Muffin Variety
             Lunch:  Pizza/Corn/Pears/Chocolate Chip Cookies