Check out Roy Schools Facebook page to see the wreaths and swags that the Classes of 2019 and 2020 have for sale.  Call Karen, or Tiffany, if you have any questions, or feel free to stop up and visit us during school hours to view the decor!  And again, thank you for your support to our classes. 



Upcoming Events

December 8-10, Fergus Holiday Basketball Showcase in Lewistown
Thurs, Dec 8 - Boys vs Jordan - 1:00
Friday, Dec 9 - Girls vs Circle - 11:30
Sat, Dec 10 - Boys vs Circle - 8:00 am
           Girls vs North Country - 3:30

Sunday, December 11 - Christmas Home Tour & Silent Auction

Tuesday, December 13 - Christmas Program 7:00


School Menu

Week of November 28- December 2

Monday - Breakfast: Muffin
                                  Smoothie - Berry Blast
                Lunch: Chicken Nuggetts/Potato/Carrots
                            Mandarin Oranges/M&M Cookie

Tuesday - Breakfast: Sausage-Egg-Cheese Muffin
                 Lunch:  Chili/Cinnamon Roll/Peaches

Wednesday - Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll
                      Lunch:  Meat Balls/Gravy/Potato/Green Beans
                                   Biscuit/Apple Sauce/Brownie

Thursday - Breakfast:  Waffle/Sausage
                  Lunch:  Beef Stroganoff/Noodles/Broccoli/Pears

Friday - Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito
                               Smoothie - Strawberry Delight
             Lunch:  Chicken Patty/Bun/Rice/Gravy
                          Pineapple/Chocolate Chip Cookie