The Lewistown Hoppers will be coming to our school to perform on April 4 at 2:00. They are a fast moving, high energy jump roping club that performs all over. The community is welcome to join us. It is very entertaining!!

If anyone is interested in donating Easter candy or plastic Easter eggs for the Annual Pre-school Easter Egg Hunt, please drop them off at the Roy School or Roy Grocery by April 11.  All donations are greatly appreciated and make the egg hunt possible.  For more information, please call 464-2331. Thank you!!! 

Upcoming Events

Thursday-Friday, March 23-24 - State FFA in Great Falls

Saturday, March 25 - BB @ Belt - 2:00/3:00/4:00/5:00


School Menu

Week of March 20-24

Monday - Breakfast: Butterhorn Roll         
                Lunch: Cheeseburger/Bun/Seasoned Fries
                            Baked Beans/Peaches/Jello

Tuesday - Breakfast: Sausage/Egg/Cheese Muffin
                 Lunch: Taco/Hard or Soft Shells/Toppings
                             Corn/Mixed Fruit

Wednesday - Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza
                      Lunch:  Meat Balls/Potato/Gravy/Buns
                                   Broccoli/apple Sauce/Brownie

Thursday - Breakfast:  Waffle/Sausage
                  Lunch:  Corn Dog/Chips/Nacho Cheese
                               Vegetable/Mandarin Oranges

Friday - Breakfast: 
                               Smoothie - Hawaiian Breeze
             Lunch:  Pizza/Corn/Pears/Chocolate Chip Cookie